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SMB Clinic provide Frozen Shoulder Treatment In Udaipur. And we give results in maximum 2 weeks.
Herniated disc and slip disc treatment with advance hands on technique within week without pills and surgery at SMB SPINE AND JOINT CLINIC
Best treatment available for osteoarthritis of knee and ankle without surgery at affordable price at SMB SPINE AND JOINT CLINIC BY DR MURTAZA EZZY
Advance form of best chiropractic and osteopathic treatment for spinal problem including slip disc, disc bulge, disc herniation, prolapsed disc, sciatica, cervical radiculopathies, cervical spondylitis, lumbar radiculopathies. Best symptoms outcomes with minimal and expertise procedure with qualified and experienced doctors hands gives best results.
Highly experienced and Qualified in various advance manual procedure and techniques from various part of India and USA delivering best results in Orthopaedic, muscle , joints, and neurological conditions at SMB SPINE AND JOINT CARE CLINIC. Accurate examination and correct diagnosis is very much essential for better treatment outcome and any one can avail this facility with very much affordable price and without surgery or operation.
Treatment facilities available at SMB SPINE AND JOINT CLINIC
Treatment with advanced MANUAL THERAPY PROCEDURES
Pronated foot before treatment
Foot pronation correction after treatment